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StartHub is a place to grow. It’s a place for startups and developers to learn,
get inspired, evolve, and make great things happen.

StartHub is a place to grow. It’s a place for startups and developers to learn, get inspired, evolve, and make great things happen.

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Blockchain Academy by Microsoft Open Source & Blockchain Israel

Microsoft and Blockchain Israel proudly presents Blockchain Academy – the first and most comprehensive Blockchain academy for CTO's, R&D Leaders and Senior developers in Israel.

The Blockchain Academy will host 12 weekly meetings around 8 core chapters of Blockchain designed to provide a personalized, curated and expert-driven Blockchain program and allow participants to deep dive around this new technology and develop relevant industry use cases with our mentors.

Gain unparalleled experience from expert instructors and collaborate with like-minded peers
•Understand how blockchain technology can verify transactions and get the lowdown of the cost networking.
•Learn how to set up frictionless virtual machines and implement blockchain – based solutions for challenges unique to your business.
•Design cost-effective trading platforms help your customers obtain assets and secure their wallets.
•Learn how decentralized networks can bootstrap and facilitate a marketplace without traditional intermediaries, building trust and developing your community through dApps.
•Prove actual product use-case relevancy and scalability, explore current regulations and their implications and discover how tokens can help you create new types of digital platforms


Nov 2018



Hosted By: Israel Blockchain Academy

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Automating system monitoring and testing for the win

18:00-18:30 – Gathering, Pizza & Beer
18:30-19:15 Run and Scale Your Web Application Tests with Docker Containers
Ran Azrad, Senior DevOps Consultant, CodeValue
Automated testing is the best way to increase your web application efficiency and coverage, especially when working with CICD pipelines. For a large suit of UI tests such as regression, using multiple machines to run those tests in parallel is a significant time-saver, but in case of limited number of virtual machines and lack of resources, this task can be very hard to achieve.
If you are limited in virtual machines and want to shorten your tests’ run-time or even just get to know another way to streamline your testing process, come and see how you can run your UI tests without the need of additional virtual machines. In my talk I will show how to run multiple UI tests in parallel using Docker containers based on Selenium, and integrate it as a part of a continuous integration pipeline
19:15-20:00 Automatic Provisioning of Grafana Dashboards
Omer Barel, Senior DevOps Consultant, CodeValue
Prometheus and Grafana are state-of-the-art monitoring solutions when it comes to micro services monitoring.
Prometheus does all the heavy lifting, chasing down every target you give it and “scrap” its data to provide a central repository with time-series metrics together with a powerful query language so you can dive deep into your application’s performance.
Grafana compliments Prometheus with rich dashboards that visualize the scraped data in a beautiful way. Think Gauges, Line & Pie Charts and more.
If you love K8s, Prometheus and Grafana as much as I do, come and see how you can automate your monitoring deployment even further using tailored helm charts and automatic dashboard provisioning. In my talk, we will take a deep dive into Grafana and Prometheus and learn how to customize the Grafana dashboard and datasource provisioning process and eliminate the manual overhead involved.
Oh, and do you love serverless? This talk will be powerpointless. No slides, only hands-on!


Nov 2018



Hosted By: CodeValue

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Rule your Cloud with Azure AD Conditional Access

The meetup we will focus on Azure AD Conditional Access and Azure BOT Service and how they can change the world.
Session Azure AD Conditional Access | Eli Shlomo | Microsoft MVP Security
The session will focus on Azure AD Conditional Access and the way we can secure the Cloud whether its Microsoft Cloud or other cloud vendors. How the Conditional Access works behind the scenes and how it integrates with many other platforms in the cloud.
Session Azure BOT Service | Lior Armiev | Technical Manager | CloudValley
AI is changing the world and the future, bots can change our way of communicating with our service providers and customer. The Bot Framework is a platform that provides a rich experience in multiple environments in multiple languages and capabilities, all in a simple and convenient environment for development.
Staying secure with Microsoft Secure Score
Understand the role that identity plays within Microsoft Secure Score to help ensure you are able to take action to stay ahead of threats!
In this session will demonstrate why the secure score is important to risk management.
17:00 Gathering, Food & Drinks
17:45 Azure AD Conditional Access | Eli Shlomo
18:30 Break
18:45 Azure BOT | Lior Armive
19:30 Microsoft Secure Score | Eli Shlomo


Nov 2018



Hosted By: Microsoft Cloud Community

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Azure DevOps

Following the global launch of "Azure DevOps" on September 10th, we'll be hosting a local launch event! During this event you'll be able to hear all about this new and exciting service plus a chance to hear about what "Azure Dev Spaces" is all about. We'll wrap up with a session on "production debugging with Azure DevOps". And most exciting - Pizzas are on us... :)
This event is intended for software developers and DevOps engineers alike, and all sessions will be given in Hebrew.

* 17:30-18:00 - Gathering.
* 18:00-18:30 - Azure DevOps (Eran Stiller, CTO, CodeValue). Azure DevOps Services is a cloud service for collaborating on code development. It provides an integrated set of features that you access through your web browser or IDE client, including Git repositories for source control of your code, build and release management to support continuous integration and delivery of your apps, and agile tools to support planning and tracking your work, code defects, and issues using Kanban and Scrum methods.
* 18:30-19:00 Azure Dev Spaces (Alon Fliess, Chief Architect, CodeValue & OzCode). A rapid, iterative Kubernetes development experience for teams - with minimal dev machine setup, you can iteratively run and debug containers directly in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). You can also collaborate with your team in a shared Kubernetes cluster, and do end-to-end testing with other components without replicating or mocking up dependencies.
* 19:00-19:30 Production Debugging with Azure DevOps (Omer Raviv, CTO, OzCode). Harness the power of Azure DevOps & OzCode to debug production software running in the cloud.
* 19:30 Pizza! sponsored by OzCode.


Nov 2018



Hosted By: Azure Israel

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WeWork, Ibn Gvirol 30 (London MiniStore) 3rd floor, Tel-Aviv
For elevator instructions – see below.

WeWork, Ibn Gvirol 30 (London MiniStore) 3rd floor, Tel-Aviv

For elevator instructions – see below.
The elevator is located at entrance G, accessed from the parking lot and from the ground floor of London Ministore. To get to our office, take the elevator to the 2nd floor, the entrance to 'WeWork' is on your left, at the end of the hallway. When you enter the 2nd floor inside WeWork you will find a stair lift to the 3rd floor which is where our office is located.